Do we share the family likeness

Sometimes we can over complicate things and one of the things we can feel totally mystified by is how we share and witness to Jesus. Yet if we take a familiar concept it might make things a whole lot easier.

I still remember the day when a stranger said “Are you Bill Bazely’s son? I recognised the smile.” I thought he was having me on for a second, I found it hard to believe that someone I’d never met could identify me by my smile. Yet you may have had a similar experience, with identifying you by your family likeness.  

In the Bible (John 2) we discover that Jesus once turned water into wine, and that it was because of this miracle that his disciples knew who Jesus was. It was in the abundant generosity of the miracle that they recognised the family likeness. They saw the work of God, their heavenly Father in what Jesus did. Yet it was more than just generosity, it was the way that Jesus also saved a family in the process. The disciples didn’t understand everything about Jesus, but they knew enough to see the family resemblance and put their faith in him.

How can you show that you are part of God’s family? 
How can you point to such a loving, caring, generous heavenly Father, the one who has graciously rescued us? When we remember who God is, and remember who it is we are trying to introduce to others, it isn’t so mysterious any more. Yes, we still need to be ready to explain the hope we have in Jesus as we live like our heavenly Father. Yet as we pray and seek to live like Jesus, there is every reason for people to ask who it is that makes us live like this. So as we model a godly character and seek to be generous like God, we will point people to Jesus.

Let’s pray for our neighbours, friends and family to ask us why we’re different, or to ask us about God. Once they are interested pointing them to Jesus is easy, we can invite them to read a gospel, read this blog, go to church, read a book or watch a talk. If you are interested in knowing more about the joy and generosity of God then you might like to watch this talk on Youtube.