The one thing we shouldn’t be worried about transmitting

At the moment lots of people are worried about what they pass on to others! For various reasons we may be trying to keep these things to ourselves:

  • germs
  • worries (as people have enough to worry about right now)
  • fears (people wouldn’t understand) 
  • a 2 metre space (social distancing)
  • hopes or plans (in case they aren’t met or don’t happen)

I am glad that for many Christ Church is a place where many of us feel able to share our joys, worries, concerns and fears with one another. It is a mark of the friendships and fellowship that God has blessed us with. Although for everyone who shares, there is at least one person who is putting on a brave face and keeping their reality hidden. If you pray, join me in praying that we would be better at sharing our lives together and receiving what people share. It is all part of the way we express our love for one another, just like a regular family does.

So what can we share?

Hope, joy and what things are really like. It makes sense to be wise about who we shared things we feel really vulnerable about, but I hope we can all say I’m not having a good day today.

What else do we struggle to share?
There is one thing that has changed my life for the better, yet it can be hard to tell people about it. Even though other people seem very happy telling me about the latest film, purchase or meal they enjoyed, I think it is hard sharing what Jesus has done, or what a difference he makes. Surprisingly I don’t think being a Vicar makes it any easier most of the time!

How can we help others?
Here are three ways we could introduce someone to Jesus without having to work out what to say. 

  1. Share this page with someone.
  2. If you listen to something encouraging, a talk, a podcast, radio station or read something pass it on. Send it on WhatsApp, drop it through someones letter box or tell them over the phone.
  3. Invite people to church, let someone else explain what Jesus has done. Simply tell someone how helpful, encouraging or beneficial you find coming to church and that they might like to try it, in person or on Zoom. It has never been easier to invite someone to a service that it is now.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to God for all those people who made sure that Jesus wasn’t left out of their conversations. I am so thankful to those who invited me to church and told me that Jesus loved me. I know that the good news of Jesus can spread quicker than wild fire and knowing him can change communities more profoundly than any pandemic.

So please use the resources Jesus has given us to share something good this week. I hope to be able to include some elements in this email in the weeks to come that might make it more relevant and more readily sharable, if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

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